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building a better relationship with teens

How is your relationship with your teenage son or daughter? Unfortunately, when a child reaches the age of 11 or 12, things can begin to change in your relationship. Then, as the child grows into a teen, the relationship can evolve even further. If you have a teen that you are not happy with the status of your relationship with, this blog can help. You will learn communication tips, advice for when to back off a bit and information about when you shouldn't back off. Hopefully, my experiences with my teens and the advice that I have taken and used will help you with your relationship with your teen.


3 Ways to Enhance Funeral Home Services With a Mini-Projector

There are many ways to celebrate and honor the life of a loved one at a funeral. A lot of old traditions can be infused with modern technology to create a memorable experience that honors the life of your loved one. A mini-projector is a portable way to create a large screen and great visuals at a funeral home. With a little planning, there are three ways to infuse a mini-projector into a funeral service. The following methods can be used at wakes, memorial services, and the actual funeral ceremony.

Sing-Along Lyrics

Whether it's a gospel track or a family favorite song, many funeral services incorporate musical sections. Make it easy for everyone to sing by using a mini-projector to showcase song lyrics. The projector can display the song lyrics through karaoke apps, a simple text files, or a lyric-inspired video that is streaming from YouTube.

Test out the lyrics on the projection wall first to ensure that they can be easily read from any part of the room. Projectors can be set to different screen sizes and resolutions, allowing you to customize the text as you need it. It's also important to test the lights in the room. The contrast on the projector may need increasing if it is too bright in the room.

Eulogy Enhancement

A projector can dramatically enhance a eulogy or speech given for a loved one. When a mini-projector is connected to a laptop or computer, it can be used to display presentations like a Power Point. During the eulogy, the presentation can showcase pictures, video clips, and text to supplement the speech.

For example, if you're telling a funny vacation story, pictures from the vacation can make the story come to life and showcase memories with the loved one. By using a remote with the projector, you have the ability to control each slide and display it at the proper time. Along with the slides, music can be infused into the presentation to create all different dynamics.

Live Tweets & Messages

Create a modern guestbook that instantly updates and gets displayed to family and friends. By using a projector with an internet-connected device, you have the ability to showcase live tweets featuring a specific hashtag. For example, you can create the hashtag "#JohnsonMemorial" and share it with family and guests. When the hashtag is used, the message can be displayed through a free live Tweet event application. This is also ideal for guests that cannot attend the funeral service. Their presence can still be felt through personalized messages that are displayed on a projector.

Work with a funeral home, such as Fluehr Funeral Home, to plan out one or more of these projector uses. They can help provide you power outlets, tables, or ideal areas for the projector.